Anti-Bullying Ambassador Regional Training

The Anti-Bullying Ambassador regional training is open to groups who are new to the programme, and groups who have already received training from us.

We offer regional training to the following: Mainstream Schools, Special Schools, Pupil Referral Units, and Children's Homes. Although our regional training is directed at young people, we also offer bespoke training to staff and parents through our personalised visits.

Click here to learn more about personalised visits.

The Anti-Bullying Ambassador programme can help your school with their Ofsted inspection. The Anti-Bullying Ambassadors have been highlighted in numerous reports as a strength to the school. Read some of the reports here. 

What is an Anti-Bullying Ambassador?

An Anti-Bullying Ambassador (ABA) is a young person who has received anti-bullying training from us, The Diana Award. They are responsible for leading anti-bullying initiatives in their school and getting their peers involved. You can find out more about our charity, The Diana Award here.

What does the regional training day involve?

The regional training day is an all day event which provides a great opportunity to meet passionate staff, professionals and young people of all ages and abilities from schools, academies and organisations in your local area.

Together participants will explore the meaning of bullying, the different types of bullying and the impact of bullying through drama, group work, games and presentations. They will also examine how they can tackle bullying in their schools as Anti-Bullying Ambassadors by sharing their ideas with other schools, understanding their responsibilities and making an action plan. By the end of the day we hope that staff and young people feel empowered and confident to go back into their schools/youth organisation, GET EXCITED AND MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!

We want the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors to train their peers to tackle bullying, make bullying un-cool and help change the behaviours and attitudes of their peers and the school as a whole.

What does the training day include and how much is it?

Each young person receives a work book, an Anti-Bullying Ambassador pen, pencil, notepad, badge, wristband, personalised certificate, parent guide and ongoing support from the team. Staff receive a version of the workbook which gives them top tips on how they can apply what's learnt in the training back in their school/youth organisation.

Please contact our Programme Co-ordinator Frankie to find out how much the training costs. 

Where does the training happen?

The training takes place across locations in the UK. Typically a school will host the event for the day and interested parties will join. There will be a minimum of 75 people at each event and a maximum of 150. To find out where the next regional training event is happening near you click here.

How do we become a host school and what do we need to have?

To be a host school you need to have a number of things; an indoor space which can hold and comfortably seat 75 to 150 people at tables, a projector, a laptop, a portable microphone, a good PA and audio, a large flat outdoor space and refreshments (not lunch). The indoor space needs to be available for the whole day from 9 until 4. Host schools will also be able to have the opportunity to have 15 of their students trained. If you are interested in becoming a host school please email the Programme Co-ordinator, Frankie Spivey. 

Are there any opportunities after the training day?

We offer ongoing support to you and your Anti-Bullying Ambassadors after the event. To stay involved in the programme after your training event you can:

Nominate your Anti-Bullying Ambassadors for a Diana Award

After 10 months of your students being Anti-Bullying Ambassadors if you really feel that a student stands out you can nominate them for a Diana Award. The Diana Award recognises and celebrates the amazing work that young people do in their schools and communities. For more information on how to nominate click here.

Receive more training

You can train more of your young people to be Anti-Bullying Ambassadors or your school/academy can receive a personalised visit. Find out about the types of training we offer and upcoming training locations and dates here.

Read our monthly newsletter

Each month we send schools/youth organisations who have been trained by us a monthly newsletter which has links to useful resources, showcases school's anti-bullying work and updates you on upcoming training events. If you have been trained by us but haven't received our newsletter please email us.


Get Anti-Bullying initiatives for your school

Check out our resources page for our top tips on tackling bullying in your school and a list of our most effective anti-bullying initiatives.

Keeping in touch with us

Keep in touch with us and tell us about your anti-bullying journey including any challenges your school has faced and the impact that the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors have had in your school. We also often invite schools to our major events to showcase and share their work. You can see examples of our previous events here. Please send any information to

Following us on social media

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How do we book onto a regional or personalised training day?

Thank you for expressing an interest in our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors training. Before we book your places, we would be grateful if you could supply us with the following information.

If you are not able to able to provide us with all the necessary information at present, then please send us an email asking us to reserve some places and then complete the form at your earliest convenience.

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Students will receive training, work booklet, branded notepad, pen and pencil,  Anti-Bullying Ambassadors badge, wristband, training certificate, a guide for parents & guardians and on-going support. Staff attending the training will receive a staff guide full of ideas to take back to your school/organisation. 

Payment: We will provide you with an invoice on the day of training, you can settle this after the event.

Remember if you get another school to attend this event, we will give you 2 student spaces free of charge.

Once your booking has been received, you will receive a confirmation email. We will also send a reminder with all the information you will need for the event 1-2 weeks before the event.