Selfies & Self-Esteem Resources

The Diana Award Anti-Bullying Campaign has teamed up with Vodafone to create Be Strong Online, a new programme to help students explore the digital world!

he Be Strong Online programme takes a peer-to-peer approach. With the help of the resources below, a staff member will train a group of students (who we call the 'Ambassadors') who will then deliver short lessons with younger students:

The sixth module in the Be Strong Online programme explores Selfies & Self-Esteem. What could the impact of the selfie craze be on young people’s sense of identity?

This module features interactive peer-to-peer activities to help young people explore their own use of selfies and think critically about whether selfies are realistic, harmless or potentially damaging to self-esteem.

Click on the link below to connect to our Be Strong Online website to download all the resources you need to run Selfies & Self -Esteem module in your school or youth group!

Download here

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