Anti-Bullying Showcase 2012

Google Headquarters, April 2012

Every year the Diana Award's Anti-Bullying Ambassador Programme holds a showcase event at one of our partner's Headquarters. We produce short films on some of the best schools we have trained throughout the year, and then we invite them all to showcase their work in front of a host of other schools, celebrities and politicians. 

Our 2012 Anti-Bullying Ambassador Showcase was held at Google's Headquarters in London! Check out the videos below of some of the showcase schools and the event itself. 

The Schools

Sacred Heart Primary School, Luton, Bedfordshire

We sent Anti-Bullying Ambassador Tich a teenage musician to find out how students prevent bullying. The team of Anti-Bullying Ambassadors work really hard to stop bullying but also to look out for each other. ‘Special days’ help the whole community compliment each other and giant whiteboards are brought out in the summer onto the playground for others to write a compliment they have given or received. The campaign also uses ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ a technique picked up at the training event to help others be kind and stop bullying.

The Magna Carta School in Staines, MIDDLESEX

The Magna Carta School have worked very hard to look at the issue of Homophobic bullying. The Anti-Bullying team found that as a school they needed to look more closely at how students use language in a negative way. As part of their campaign they have created bullying videos that look at the issue of Anti-Bullying including statistics on bullying and experiences. The school have now gone onto look at all types of bullying and have been really successful in tackling bullying.

Northfield School & Sports Billingham, Stockton-on-Tees

There are over 100 Anti-Bullying Ambassadors working as peer mentors at this school. The school’s Anti Bullying Campaign works hard to make sure there are pupils around the school in corridors looking out for each other. Their bullying campaign motto is ‘Stop and think, words can hurt’. They have also worked hard to use technology to allow students to anonymously report bullying and cyber bullying through an email support service.

Drew Primary School 

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors have worked hard to ensure that all students feel safe, happy and that bullying prevention is a top priority. Anti Bullying Ambassadors run ‘Smile and Compliment days’ a technique learned from their training. Their bullying campaign involves patrols, assemblies, raps and their Anti Bullying motto which is ‘Be brave, be bold, make sure you’ve told’. The entire school have signed up to stop bullying and now they even have a parent team.


Highfield Middle School is an Anti-Bullying School. Students feel safe and secure from bullying. Anti-Bullying Ambassadors have shared their experience and passion behind their bullying campaign. The school Anti-Bullying team have created anonymous post boxes for reports of bullying or cyberbullying. One Anti-Bullying Ambassador said ‘It really makes you feel good about yourself, especially when you know you’ve made a change in someone’s life, you know that someone is just a little bit happier and you’ve made that change’.

Heart of England School in Coventry

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We sent Anti-Bullying Ambassadors Twist and Pulse to this school to check out their Anti-Bullying prevention work. The Anti-Bullying team have worked hard to campaign against bullying encouraging everyone to look after each other. The students help to stop bullying through their ‘Blast team’ which stands for Bully Line Advice Support Team. Other techniques implemented from their training include Smile days, Kindness patrols and assemblies. ‘Friendship day’ has also helped spread joy and prevent bullying, their campaign continues to go from strength to strength.

Springwell Community College, Chesterfield

Springwell have had great success in reducing bullying, so much so that name calling has reduced by 19%. Anti-Bullying Ambassadors have tackled bullying presented assemblies, worked with primary schools and created ‘Say something great about a mate’ days to help prevent bullying. All the school play a part in the campaign to stop bullying. Staff have looked at the issue of cyber bullying, looking at cyber bullying facts and how to report. We sent Anti-Bullying Ambassador Lucien Laviscount to visit the students and support their campaign.

Derby Moor Community Sports College, Derby, Derbyshire

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors are approachable and as peer mentors help others resolve any issues. The school have a ‘Friends for you’ group that are there to help others deal with all types of bullying including cyber bullying, verbal, physical and indirect. As part of their campaign they run Anti-Bullying weeks every half-term which include smile days, helping to spread positive vibes. The students have been particularly successful in running workshops looking at cyber safety and cyber bullying presenting bullying articles and statistics on bullying.

Leighton Primary School, Crewe, Chesire

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors & peer mentors have made sure their campaign is pupil led. The whole school community are on board for their Anti-Bullying Campaign including pupils, staff, fireman and parents. From workshops, break time patrols to mentoring and support they have helped to prevent bullying. Since their Anti-Bullying Ambassador training, their work has gone from strength to strength and they continue to work hard to stop bullying.

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