Anti-Bullying Secondary School Showcase 2013!

Every year the Diana Award's Anti-Bullying Ambassador Programme holds a showcase event at one of our partner's Headquarters. We produce short films on some of the best schools we have trained throughout the year and then we invite them all to showcase their work in front of a host of other schools, celebrities and politicians. 

Our 2012 Anti-Bullying Ambassador Showcase for Secondary Schools was held at Facebook's Headquarters in London! Check out the videos below of some of the showcase schools and the event itself. 

The Schools


Anti-Bullying Ambassadors are known as 'friendly faces' who interact positively with others. Since receiving  their Diana Award Anti-Bullying training,  students have worked hard to make sure that they stop bullying. Their Anti-Bullying campaign targets all types of bullying from Cyber bullying, verbal bullying, Homophobic bullying to physical bullying. A particular success has been their bright orange jacket patrols. They have worked to get rid of the fear of bullying by visiting primary schools to spread their Anti-Bullying campaign & prevent bullying from bring a worry. Diana Anti-Bullying Ambassadors have been passionate about finding out bullying facts, looking a statistics on bullying & understanding why everyone has the right to feel safe. The Anti-Bullying team have since gone on to make a number of bullying videos.


Coombeshead has worked hard to involve the whole school community in their Anti-Bullying campaign, to help stop bullying. Some students had previously experienced bullying and this made them even more passionate as anti bullying ambassadors to stand up and speak out. Bullying prevention is also something that the senior leadership team are focused on. Together with students they've rewritten their Anti-Bullying policy, held events, presented assemblies & got across the message that we can all stop bullying. Statistics on bullying show that they've had considerable success.


Anti-Bullying Ambassadors were trained at mass training events in their region. Since being trained students have created a bullying video, written bullying articles & met with senior leadership team to get full backing for their campaign. Students hand out surveys to see what type of bullying is affecting others and have found that this helps bullying prevention. Some young people have realised that behaviour was that of a bullying & have used the Diana Award AntiBullying Programme as an opportunity to stop bullying. A particular focus in the Anti Bullying campaign has been journeys to and from school, with involvement from all, stats on bullying now show this is no longer an issue.


Previously a particular focus was on Homophobic bullying based on bullying statistics. A new focus by the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors in this video show a keen desire to tackle all types of bullying from Homophobic bullying, cyber bullying to physical. Anti Bullying Ambassadors have helped resolve cyber bullying & other bullying. The Anti Bullying Campaign has seen the tea grow. In a recent Ofsted bullying, behaviour & safety was rated good with a particular mention of the students anti bullying work. Judo has also been taught as a way to aid bullying prevention.  


Jodie Marsh & Diana Award Anti-Bullying Programme Manager Alex Holmes worked with this school in Sheffield to tackle the issue of bullying. Previously it was stated based on statistics that bullying was an issue. Since students have been trained as Anti-Bullying Ambassadors there has been a decrease in bullying. Ambassadors wear tshirts to be approachable, present assemblies, have a worry box & meet regularly as an Anti-Bullying team. The team have been to raise awareness of cyber bullying but also embrace technology to promote their Anti-Bullying messages using such tools as Facebook. The team often use bullying in the news and bullying articles to drive home the message that we must all stop bullying. 


This group of young people work work schools and communities throughout their area to raise awareness of bullying. The Anti Bullying campaign is all about spreading positive vibes & helping others to do the same. The students have embraced technology & regularly use Facebook as a means to promote safety messages on cyber bullying, and promote their anti bullying campaign. We sent Anti-Bullying Ambassador Vince Kidd to surprise them & find out more about what works when it comes to beating bullying.


Anti Bullying Ambassadors at Thomas Keble are passionate shout bullying prevention not least because some experienced it when they were younger. Workshops led by the Anti-Bullying team as part of the campaign have been an important factor in reducing bullying. The Diana Award Anti-Bullying Ambassador Programme & anti bullying training has played an important part in changing attitudes & raising awareness. We sent Anti-Bullying Ambassador Layton Williams to see their Anti-Bullying work in action.


Winterton has Anti-Bullying Ambassadors, Cyber mentors & peer mentors all working hard up stop bullying. Students have looked in detail at e-safety, helping to train others in how to stay safe online & prevent cyber bullying. Students hand out surveys to younger years up better understand the issue of bullying & collect bullying statistics. Bullying is not tolerated and the Anti-Bullying team have held events such as Smile days to tackle bullying & reduce incidents of bullying. Several students have experienced bullying both online and offline and this has spurred them on to make a difference. Anti-Bullying Ambassadors have made their anti bullying campaign exciting, cool & helped the whole school to get on board & prevent bullying.


We sent Anti-Bullying Ambassador & musician Tich to see how they've kick started their Anti-Bullying campaign since being trained as Diana Award Anti-Bullying Ambassadors. The girls have looked at the issue of cyber bullying, their anti bullying campaign has centred around helping the girls to feel safe. One of the successes is a lunchtime club where girls can go to watch films supported by the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors. The Anti Bullying team have all stood up to bullying. 

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