Apply for our 2016 Anti-Bullying Schools' Showcase Event!

We are now accepting applications from Primary and Secondary Schools across the UK to become a showcase school and attend our exciting event!

Every year the Diana Award’s Anti-Bullying Ambassador Programme holds a very exciting event to showcase and share the best practice anti-bullying work that our Anti-Bullying Ambassador schools/youth organisations do. 

Being chosen to be an Anti-Bullying Ambassador Showcase School means you will have the following opportunities:

  • Before the Showcase Event we visit all schools attending and create a short video of their Anti-Bullying work to show on the day and also put on our website. See previous School Showcase videos here.
  • Staff and some Ambassadors* will be invited to our Schools Showcase Event where we will show the video of your school, and ask your Ambassadors to do a presentation on their anti-bullying work.
  • All Ambassadors will received our prestigious Diana Award to recognise their work.
  • Ambassadors will have the chance to meet our celebrity supporters, politicians and some very special guests.
  • Spend the day in a very fun venue. In the past events have been held at Facebook's, Barclays and Google's Headquarters.
  • Meet and share ideas with other Ambassador schools from across the country.
  • Be featured on our website and promoted through our social media channels. 

Have a look at our Showcase page to see what we have got up to at Showcase Events in previous years.

* Please note that the Showcase event will be held at Facebook's offices and due to their strict age policy only students aged 13 and over will be able to attend.

Apply here:

If you are interested in being part of this great opportunity please get a member of staff at your school/organisation to fill out the form below.

All schools who have been trained by us can apply. Please note the deadline for all applications is Wednesday 20th April.

(Please note that you can't save the form and come back to it so please have all information ready before you fill the form in).

School Details
Type School/Group/Organisation *
What type of School/Group/Organisation are you applying for?
School/Group/Organisation Address
School/Group/Organisation Address
Contact Details
Primary Contact At the School/Group/Organisation *
Primary Contact At the School/Group/Organisation
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The Anti-Bullying Ambassadors Programme
About Your Anti-Bullying Work
What were the reasons for starting the anti-bullying work? If there was a bullying issue how was it addressed? What work do the ambassadors carry out; please give details on how they have prevented bullying from occurring. Think daily/weekly/monthly/yearly? Anti-Bullying week can feature but try to explain what else they have done...
E.g. racism, cyber bullying, name calling, homophobic bullying, sexual, put downs/insults, safety at break times etc...
I.e. do you have bullied students that have gained confidence/skills and Bullies that have changed their behaviour? What is their story and their journey? How have Ambassadors changed the lives of others or inspired others to change?
Have you measured your impact and evaluated? What is the impact? Do you have any feedback or quotes? Ofsted/HMI excerpts. Try and use some of the following keywords in your answer when talking about your success: Facts/figures/statistics/progress/change/attendance/behaviour/incidents/impact/events/whole school/staff/success/self-esteem/leadership/peer-led/inspired/excited/
We are particularly interested to hear about innovative approaches when it comes to using technology to tackle bullying.
Has your Anti-Bullying team used any of the following?
We will be producing a video to showcase your schools anti-bullying work. Please note down any activities that you can think of that are active, exciting, entertaining. Please also let us know if there is a brand new activity/initiative that we could film. We want to record Anti-Bullying Ambassadors interacting and leading.
Do you have anything of your own videos, photos online you would like to share?
Please check the box below to confirm you will be able to get consent from parents for their children to be filmed and that film be uploaded and shared online as well as played at the showcase event and any other event the Diana Award deems appropriate. *