Everything you need for Anti-Bullying Week 2022
(14th-18th Nov)

Coordinated by the Anti-Bullying Alliance, Anti-Bullying Week is a chance each year to re-inspire your whole school to stand up to bullying behaviour.
This year, The Diana Award is placing young people at the heart of Anti-Bullying Week more than ever before, with a special suite of youth-led resources (assembly PowerPoints, activity guides, form time quizzes and more) designed for students to lead the week's campaign.
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The Virtual Workshops

Workshops are available from Thursday 11th November.

Anti-Bullying Week Resources

Ready to get your school involved in Anti-Bullying Week 2021? We've created some resources that are full of activities to engage and support your students.

Anti-Bullying Weeks Gone By

Here are some videos of our Anti-Bullying Weeks from previous years.

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Our Anti-Bullying Ambassador Programme is offered FREE to Primary and Secondary schools across the UK. Sponsored by Nationwide Building Society, Facebook and the Department for Education.
The Anti-Bullying Ambassador Programme equips students and staff with the tools needed to tackle bullying behaviour head on, transform your school’s approach to anti-bullying and create a safer, kinder school community. Our Programme is youth-led, with your students leading their anti-bullying campaign as Anti-Bullying Ambassadors.
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