The Easter Holidays saw the Supercell Youth Board fly over to Helsinki for a very special few days spent feeding into Supercell’s online safety strategy at their Helsinki HQ. Hannah K, a Supercell Youth Board member, shares her diary from the trip with us.

On the 4th of April, the Supercell Youth Board landed in Helsinki airport. I was still in a state of shock from being given the opportunity to be on the Youth Board to create an online curriculum for schools, young people and parents!

It was a bit awkward at first, but once we were on the coach everyone started to chat. Once we checked into hotel Radisson Blu, we travelled to 'Stones' for dinner, which had amazing food!

We then headed back to the hotel for a good night sleep before the next day.


Early start, and we got ready to go to Supercell HQ! Once we met the others in the hotel lobby, we walked 10 minutes to the Supercell HQ where we were introduced to Jess, (Head of Anti-Fraud and User Safety from Supercell), who was lovely.

After this we headed up the 6th floor, where we had breakfast and got a Supercell goodie bag filled with amazing items! We then had a tour of the Supercell offices, which were amazing to see how many people were working on the games!

After the tour we had various icebreakers, to get to know everyone. Following this we had a Q&A with five Supercell developers, who had amazing words of wisdom!

Throughout the rest of the day we had lunch and we had a talk from Jess about how Supercell game functions work. This was probably the highlight of my trip!

We then left the Supercell offices and got a ferry to Suomenlinna. Once there we had a small tour from Jess and got dinner at 'Suomenlinnan Panimo', which was a tasty vegan meal!


Back in the Supercell offices for another day! The 2017 Youth Board started off by explaining the Social Media guidelines. After, we prepped answers to questions for recording and had a brainstorm about online trends.

We then worked on the online curriculum module development and this was interesting as we came up with a lot of creative ideas and concepts! It was then time to leave the Supercell HQ to go to our afternoon activity, 'Exite' (an escape room!) which was exciting. We didn’t escape unfortunately but we got close!

We then headed to Viking themed 'Restaurant Harald'. The food was tasty and on top of that we got to wear Viking helmets!

There we said thank you to Jess. It was amazing to have her on board. We then headed back to our hotel for packing and early bed as we had to get up early for our flight home.

On Saturday we spent hours travelling home. It was sad seeing everyone leave to go home, as I spent so much time with them over the past few days, while creating memories I won't forget and lifelong friends that I'll hopefully see again in May!

It was an outstanding experience and I am really excited for what's to come as this is only the beginning of changing peoples' lives for the better.