“It was early in the morning; I could hear everyone in the house start to move and get up. I hated this feeling in the pit of my stomach. I never woke up wanting to go to school like every other child would. I dreaded it, I would always think of excuse to tell mum and dad to not go in, but they never fell for it.”

I hated that those bullies made me feel that way. In school I was always that bigger kid and for some reason, I was always the target for bullies. It all started in the lunch queue, when everyone was pushing and shoving, I would get pushed and fall into others and then the teacher would pick me out, as if I started it.

Going back to school can be tough. The Diana Award’s research shows that over half of young people will experience bullying at school and 40% of young people are worried about going back to school because of bullying.

I understand that because I was bullied but I’m here to share that life gets better and school is not the be all and end all of your life. Despite it being a difficult time for some, there is so much waiting for you on the other end and I know if you speak to someone about what you’re going through like an Anti-Bullying Ambassador you can have a great time at school.

My advice when going back to school, is to always keep a clear and happy mind, don't look back at any negatives or distant memories, you’re going forward and think of all the reasons why you should be there and how it is helping you. Keep smiling, don’t let them see your suffering, hold your head up high and show them who is bigger person. Never change, don’t let words affect you.

When I was being bullied, I regret not talking to anyone for advice or support. Talking will always help, get everything off your chest. Although you may feel there is no one to talk to, there always is; friends, family, teachers or even The Diana Award. You’ll never be judged and there is always someone to help!

If you don’t feel comfortable speaking to someone you know but need to talk to someone I would recommend using The Diana Award Crisis Messenger Service. All you have to do is text ‘DA’ 85258 and a trained volunteer will text you back and help you through what you are going through.

For more details on this service visit diana-award.org.uk/crisis-messenger

I am proud to be working on behalf of Promote Online with The Diana Award on their Back to School campaign. Promote Online are a digital marketing agency, who work with start-ups to established companies who want to use the internet to grow.

Ignoring the matter will not make it go away, it can actually make it worse. You need to tell someone about what is happening and that is why I and Promote Online are working with The Diana Award to make things better.