I have just been trained as an Anti-Bullying Ambassador

At The Diana Award we like to make sure that we don’t loose contact with our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors after they’ve been trained by us. By being an Anti-Bullying Ambassador and a part of the Diana Award you have access to a lot of exciting opportunities.

Youth Board

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Each year we elect a new Anti-Bullying Ambassador Youth Board. The Youth Board are a group of young people who have received our Anti-Bullying training, who are passionate about stopping bullying  and who have taken a lead in their school or community to reduce bullying.

They are the voice of our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors across the country. Some of the Youth Board’s duties include representing The Diana Award at events, attending regular meetings in London, spreading the message of Anti-Bullying in their schools and communities and taking an active role in helping us develop the programme.

So far our current Youth Board have visited Facebook’s Headquarters in Dublin, attended a debate in European Parliament in Brussels and helped us to co-ordinate National Anti-Bullying Week. To meet our current National Anti-Bullying Ambassador Youth Board members and learn about how you can apply next year visit the Youth Board page.

Media Ambassador

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The Anti-Bullying Ambassador team want to hear about your experience of bullying to help spread awareness of the different types of bullying and highlight how much of an important issue it is.

A Media Ambassador is someone who is happy to share their experience of bullying and how they overcame it with us. By sharing your experience you can help to show others that they are not the only ones who have been bullied, you help raise awareness of the issue and you help tell others how they can get through their bullying.

As a Media Ambassador you can choose whether you are happy to share your story on our website, in a newspaper, on the radio or even on TV and whether you want to stay nameless. By being a Media Ambassador some exciting opportunities could become available to you. We often get calls from BBC and Sky news asking to talk to young people who have experienced bullying. Become a Media Ambassador by answering a few questions here.



We are looking for very enthusiastic and keen young people to be an Anti-Bullying Ambassador (ABA) Leaders to represent their schools/organisations. The role of the ABA leader, is to take up the responsibility of leading their ABA Team in further Anti-Bullying work.
The ABA leaders pack will provide you and your anti-bullying team with lots of top tips and ideas each month to help you carry out some amazing anti-bullying work.

For more information about being an Anti- Bullying Ambassador leader for your school can be found here.

Anti-Bullying Showcase Events


At The Diana Award we really believe in celebrating the work you do as Anti-Bullying Ambassadors. Each year we select four Secondary Schools and four Primary Schools to attend very special events. In the past have been held at Facebook HQ, Barclays HQ, and Google HQ. The aim of these show case events is to CELEBRATE and SHARE the inspirational work you have done as an Anti-Bullying team. The day is attended by some very special guests and celebrities that come along to mete you and hear about the work you have been doing. 

We will be emailing schools and youth organisation who have received our training nearer the time to tell them how they nominate their school for one of our Showcase Events in the summer.

To see some of the fun stuff we get up to at these events, check out our Showcase Event page.

Anti-Bullying Champion Award

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After 10 months of doing Anti-Bullying work within your school or community, you become eligible for the Anti-Bullying Champion Award. At The Diana Award we have now celebrated over 40,000 young people with the Diana Award in a variety of categories. To be eligible for the Diana Award Anti-Bullying Champion Award you must show evidence that you have been working hard to tackle issue of bullying within your school or community. You can be either nominated as an individual or group. If you have done over 10 months of Anti-Bullying work and feel that you are eligible why not get a member of staff or another professional to nominate you.

For more information about The Diana Award categories and how to nominate please visit the Awards Page.

Future Events (National Anti-Bullying Week)


Throughout the year we host a variety of events, ranging from National Anti-Bullying Week events to our Random Acts of Kindness days. 

We are very excited when our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors join us at these events, to keep up to date with future/up and coming events visit our Events Page or regularly check our Social Media Channels (Twitter & Facebook).

You can see some of our events in action on our Events Page.

Volunteering/Work Experience

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Do you have some spare time? Why not have a sneak peak behind the scenes at The Diana Award. We are always looking for young people to join us at our offices in London to help us with the planning of events and development of the programme. If you would like to give up some of your spare time and help us please fill in our contact us form with your name and contact details so we can get in touch with you.

If you would like to do your work experience with us at The Diana Award we have a number of weeks available throughout the year. Please use our contact us form to get in touch with us. When filling out the form please include the dates of when you would like to do your work experience.

How can I connect with other Anti-Bullying Ambassadors?


We have trained over 10,000 young people and if you have received our Anti-Bullying training you are part of this network too. Why not make the most of this network to make new friends and share ideas with other people. Why not become part of our online community and add our Facebook Page which is exclusively for our Ambassadors.

(Please note this account is ONLY for young people who have been training by the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors team. Random requests will not be accepted).