This year The Diana Award are launching a campaign that shows the harsh reality of going back to school for millions of young people.

10 million children will be starting a new school term this September, and many of them are worried about going back to school because of bullying. To start a national conversation about this issue and raise awareness of the importance of anti-bullying, we are creating a #BackToBullying campaign film that shows the heart-wrenching reality of bullying.

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About The Diana Award’s Anti-Bullying Programme

The only charity founded in the memory of the late Princess of Wales, The Diana Award provides support and opportunities to ensure no young person is left out or left behind. Our anti-bullying programme has trained 50,000 ambassadors in 5,000 schools, and has been proven to make a huge difference to rates of bullying and to the lives of pupils.

  We hope you’re up for being part of the campaign to help start conversations and drive public support for our anti-bullying initiatives.

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Watch the public’s reaction to our installation

To launch our #BackToBullying campaign, we created an installation at Westfield Stratford featuring mannequins in new school uniforms set up to look like a typical back-to-school display, but which instead depicted different scenes of bullying.

Don't keep things bottled up. Speak to your support network (e.g. friends, family, teachers and other people you trust) about how you're feeling. They will be able to listen and provide support.

If you are in need of further support, head to our resources page to find guides and activities on how to tackle bullying.  

Anti-Bullying Resources

Our Advice Messenger provides free confidential support 24/7, just text DA to 85258 anytime, day or night.

Our Press Release

Read more about the research and motivations behind the #BackToBullying campaign.

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