Anti-Bullying Campaigns

Get involved in our exciting Anti-Bullying Campaigns! Our partners enable us to create campaigns that spark discussion, raise awareness and get more young people around the world committed to tackling bullying behaviour! 

Check out some of our past and present campaigns below.

Choose Kindness

In collaboration with Smiggle, we have created a Choose Kindness Keyring which you can wear with pride to show everyone around you that you're choosing kindness with us!

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1 of 3 teenagers are bullied and those with dandruff are twice as likely to be among them. Dandruff is a completely normal...

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Anti-Bullying Week 2023

Coordinated by the Anti-Bullying Alliance, Anti-Bullying Week is a chance each year to re-inspire your whole school and stand up to bullying behaviour.

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Bullying Is No Game

90% of gamers have experienced bullying while playing video games. With 3 billion players worldwide and 82% of 12-15-year-olds in the UK regularly...

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Back to Bullying

This year The Diana Award are launching a campaign that shows the harsh reality of going back to school for millions of young people.

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Don’t Face it Alone

Don't Face It Alone is an annual campaign organised by The Diana Award, Anti-Bullying programme...

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The Big Assembly

Over the past two years, The Diana Award, Nationwide Building Society and thousands of schools joined together to...

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The Positive Post Box!

Nationwide Building Society and The Diana Award have teamed up to deliver positivity to school children across the UK!

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