Everything you need for Anti-Bullying Week 2023
(13th-17th Nov)

Coordinated by the Anti-Bullying Alliance, Anti-Bullying Week is a chance each year to re-inspire your whole school and stand up to bullying behaviour. The theme this year is ‘Make A Noise About Bullying’.

We are doing a range of activities to celebrate Anti-Bullying Week, including a free online workshop led by our Anti-Bullying Team. The aim is to bring schools together to have fun, build skills and make some noise for Anti-Bullying Week by creating a musical piece to share with their community.

Schools can also make a noise about bullying with our brand-new Positivity Tees resource, supported by Trutex. This creative activity encourages young people to explore the impact of their words and discover how to empower others. Positivity Tees Activity (antibullyingpro.com)
We will also be sharing lots of content on social media across the week, including a Q&A segment and videos from guest talent!  

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Online Gaming

With 3 billion players worldwide and 82% of 12-15-year-olds in the UK regularly playing online games, this is a huge problem.

This Anti-Bullying Week we are raising awareness about the issue with online bullying on gaming. We teamed up with One Minute Briefs and Revolt to crowdsource poster ideas. The winning entry will be displayed on billboards across Anti-Bullying Week.

Get involved on social media

Is your school taking part in Anti-Bullying Week? Remember to tag us on social media so we can share the amazing work you are doing.

Register for free Anti-Bullying school training

So far we have trained over 50,000 Anti-Bullying Ambassadors in schools across the UK, who are now equipped with the tools needed to tackle bullying behaviour and create a safer, kinder school community. Register your interest and we'll be in touch with information on how to get for free Anti-Bullying Ambassador training and we'll also share online opportunities and resources.