90% of gamers have experienced bullying while playing video games (source). 

With 3 billion players worldwide and 82% of 12-15-year-olds in the UK regularly playing online games, this is a huge problem. Most parents are unaware that gaming's live chat element is full of discrimination such as racism, sexism and homophobia.

Anti-Bullying Week

To raise awareness of the issue, The Diana Award teamed up with One Minute Briefs and Revolt to crowdsource poster ideas, and the winning entry was displayed on billboards during Anti-Bullying Week, 13 – 17th November 2023.




Here’s what one of our Youth Board members had to say about online gaming

"Personally, I tend to play games online quite often. And in my experience with online gaming it can be really enjoyable, especially when your playing with your friends. However, there tends to be a lot of toxicity when it comes to gaming rather than healthy competition. Whilst many people may believe that it might not effect someone, it actually can, and it tends to be quite hurtful at times and is why people need to think before they say something they may regret. I believe that  a lot of people get bullied through online gaming since it can be really easy for people to hide behind a screen and say nasty stuff without taking accountability for it. This again can be really upsetting and can effect someone's mental health because words and online harassment can really stick to someone. There should be a difference acknowledged between Toxicity and healthy competition.  Even though someone says something horrible through a screen, and not directly to their face, its careless and disregards the feelings of the other person behind the other screen. This is why online bullying is a really important topic to speak about, and not only through online games but also through messages, online posts, false information etc."

Karolina, age 14

Don't keep things bottled up. Speak to your support network (e.g. friends, family, teachers and other people you trust) about how you're feeling. They will be able to listen and provide support.

If you are in need of further support, head to our resources page to find guides and activities on how to tackle bullying.  

Anti-Bullying Resources

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